Safe and Wise Choices

Someone told me recently to make “safe and wise choices.”  That’s advice I know my parents would like me to follow and that I’m sure they wished I’d done better at in my youth.

Nobody makes the safest and wisest choices all the time, and, like their firstborn child, my mother and father made some mistakes in life.  Cancer killed them both, and it’s possible that some of the choices they made contributed to that; I’ll never know for sure.

I do know that for me to make safe and wise choices now will honor them, however.  I’m 46, and I hope to live beyond the age of 64 – the last birthday each of them saw.  But whether I live another 18 years or another 30 – or even if I don’t live beyond today – I hope to make choices that will honor their memory and will set an example for the choices my own kids make.

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